Innovativeness, know-how and experience from over 50 years

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Innovativeness, know-how and experience from over 50 yearsSpecialist in manufacturing tubular partsTees, manifolds, pipe components


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Category: 1 - Tees

Larikka manufactures Tees with its innovative, state-of-art cylinder internal welding called the LARIKKA CylinWeld. This internal welding results in a smooth and round corner inside Tees which is flow-technically and in terms of material strength a very good end result. Tees are free from thinning of wall thickness.

Tees are manufactured according to various industrial standards: DIN 11852, DIN 11865, SMS 3008, Imperial and ISO. We also manufacture according to customer-specifications. Our manufacturing range is from 6x1 mm up to 101.6x2. Depending from the dimensions even 4 mm wall thickness is possible to weld. We can also weld Tees with wall thicknesses less than 1 mm.


Category: 2 - Manifolds

Manifolds are also manufactured by welding from inside. Depending from the manifold in question and its specifiction we can also manufacture them by collaring. Manifolds can have diverse parts as branches: nipples, threaded parts, hexaconal etc. It is also possible to make manifolds with branches very close to one another.

Pipe components

Category: 3 - Pipe Components

Diverse pipe components are manufactured according to customer specification. Even the most challenging parts which cannot be manufactured with conventional manufacturing methods can most likely be manufactured with LARIKKA CylinWeld.

Your product

Category: 4 - Your product

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Give us a call and send us your drawing. We will check if we can make your part for you or help you eliminate unnecessary weld seams from your tubular part.


Category: 5 - Downloads

Download the Larikka SubContract 2015 brochure.

Larikka's (under company's old name Lacol) welding method Larikka CylinWeld for manufacturing Tees is in accordance with pressure equipment directive 97/23/EN. It is approved by DNV and TÜV, DNV_Report.

Larikka's ISO 9001_2015 Management System Certificate by DNV-GL .